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TIMBER information

All timber used for timber frame by our company MUST be of a recognised type and origin. It also must pass certain test rules and treatments:

  • The only timber used by us is the type classified as Spruce/Pine/Fir. All supplies are from Northern Europe, Russia or Canada and all MUST come from replenish able sources, under a chain of custody suppliers agreement. A "PEFC - TRADA" certificate must be in force at the time of supply.

  • As subscribers to the system we contribute to growing 252 million cubic metres of wood SURPLUS to requirements (after harvest) EACH YEAR. This means that we add a forest in Northern Europe the area of Cyprus EVERY YEAR, besides replacing all the harvested timber.

  • The wood is sent to mills to be converted to Canadian Lumber Standards (CLS) this is planed all round and thicknessed to ensure close tolerances can be achieved.

  • All the planks are then stress tested to ensure that they will meet the stringent conditions laid down by various European codes.

  • The planks are then Vac-Vac Treated as follows:

    • Planks are placed into a treatment vessel

    • A vacuum pulls the air out of the wood and the vessel

    • Osmose preserve is then flooded into the vessel

    • The vessel is then pressurised, forcing the preservation fluid into the timber.

    • The fluids are then removed, and a final vacuum is applied sucking out all excess fluid

    • The timber has now been treated against Wood boring Insect and Fungal Decay

  • The fluid used is a water-borne borate base which is harmless to any wildlife and is environmentally accepted globally.

  • The last operation is KILN DRYING. All timbers must be kiln dried to max 19% moisture content, to avoid any problems post-construction.