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room in a roof

Traditionally roof space has been a wasted area in a house. It is simply a "void" serving no useful purpose at all. It has always been a place principally to house the cold water storage tank and store unwanted items.

Modern water delivery systems do not need a storage tank and storing old furniture full of woodworm is no longer general practice. Now Attic trusses are a way of using the roof space to bring it into the house and general daily use at little extra cost.

The room in the roof (known as R-I-R) can be used for any purpose and can extend a property footprint by up to 65% of the original area. Because the Attic Trusses are an engineered item and made in the factory the installation is very rapid and usually completed in one day.

We install the floor, and then the trusses are ready for the roofer, insulation and plasterboard.

The added benefits of using Attic Rafters are:

  • Quick and easy erection offering cost savings on site as well as providing a weather-tight envelope at an earlier stage

  • The need for complex, labour intensive site joints is removed

  • There are no restrictions on the ground floor layout as the trusses can span onto the external walls

  • The Room in the Roof truss is specifically designed to accommodate all loads required for an additional room

  • Consistent quality is assured as the Attic trusses are factory assembled

  • Raises the property value immediately

  • Can be installed at very little extra costs

  • Engineered to take all extra loads for living space

  • A complete roof kit is supplied/erected inc. floorboards

  • No site storage, waste or theft of timber.

  • Assembled in factory therefore no site mistakes.

  • Only timber stress TR26 used.

  • Fast manufacture and delivery means project continuity

With the ever increasing demand to optimize land, many house-builders are now specifying Room in the Roof trusses for new build programmes as they offer additional living space without increasing the footprint, or significant build costs.

Room in the Roof trusses are increasing in popularity as they are one of the most economical solutions to adding rooms to a new house or apartment block.

Room in the Roof trusses can be equally beneficial for commercial or industrial applications, capable of spanning over 8m without internal load bearing walls, and 16m with load bearing walls.


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