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The Leisure Pod - The natural alternative to holidaying in Tents or Caravans. The Leisure Pod can be occupied all year round.

The camping phenomenon sweeping Europe - the natural alternative to tents and caravans The Leisure Pod is the ultimate in outdoor shelter It can be a basic shelter, or a sumptuous and elegant holiday retreat.

What is a Leisure Pod? It is an affordable solution to providing secure, dry and comfortable camping facilities. The basic pod is 4m x 2.5m inc the porch and easily houses 2 adults and two children. It is 2.4m high - high enough for the tallest individuals to walk around in.

The Pod can be heated if electricity is on site and has French doors to the front that can be opened on a warm day and a high level window at the rear to allow airflow during the night if required, as both are protected with fly-screens. We have selected quality engineered windows as they afford more protection, are more secure and require no maintenance.

The interiors are clad with pine T & G board, and the exterior is covered in tile shingles. The whole building is extensively insulated; including the floors which prevents heat loss and does not allow the cold air to penetrate. There are a range of add-ons available for the basic leisure pod, including bed plinth, bunk beds, a fold down table, extendable sun decks and verandahs. A field kitchen can also be purchased as an optional extra.

The model shown is the Alpine Lodge and we will be adding the "Mushroom" and "Wigwam" designs during 2010 and the photographs of the models will appear on this page soon.

The benefit of installing these Pods are many and we have listed just a few that will attract guests to your site. The Pods are delivered in one complete unit and placed in position by us on the site you have prepared. There is no need for expensive bases to be laid as the base is built in.

This is the future of camping and a Leisure Pod will give you years of service with absolutely minimum maintenance.

Here are some benefits that your guests will go for:

  • Already set up when your guests arrive - they just move in.
  • No taking down wet tents and drying before storing
  • Non of the adverse effects of driving rain and wetness
  • No wind whip or flapping to keep them awake
  • No waking with the early dawns of the long days of summer
  • More privacy and security
  • All the benefits of an insulated structure in winter and summer
  • Option of having heat, light and other electrical devices
  • Cuts down on camping equipment
  • Environmentally acceptable to all.
  • A real favourite with kids - The Pod is anything they want it to be.

And possibly best of all - Affordable holiday accommodation for a family of 4

Here are some benefits YOU will go for:

  • Cheaper than Static homes or Caravans.
  • Extends your season to 12 months a year- can be occupied all year round.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Can be placed where tents and caravans can not.
  • Delivered complete - ready to occupy.
  • Possible to recoup the cost of the Pod in one season.
  • No change over cleaning staff to pay.
  • No bedding laundry bills to pay.
  • Increases pitch income.
  • Rental 35 - 45 Euros per night.
  • Damage possibility very low.
  • No mechanical parts to replace.
  • Can be moved easily.

Our manufacturing capacity for this product is limited so you are advised to book your requirements very quickly.

The following options are available and can be ordered with the pods or as separate components:

  • 1 x Double bed plinth - this fits at the end of the pod under the window, does not include mattress
  • Bunk beds 2 x single beds - these fit along one wall, do not include mattress
  • Bunk beds 2 x single beds - these fit along one wall, do not include mattress
  • Bunk beds 2 x single beds - these fit along one wall, do not include mattress
  • Fold down table - this fits on opposite wall to the bunks.
  • Extended sun decking areas - these do not include roof available in a square metre multiples
  • Side verandahs and railings. Available in linear metre multiples
  • Catering station. Small open field kitchen for camping stoves, food preparation and washing facility.
  • Electrical installation 2 x sockets and 1 x light fitting.
  • Tiled Floors.

Remember, the more facilities you provide the higher your pitch rates are.

You can also install:

  • A small Halogen heater - in many cases this gives sufficient light as well.
  • LED light unit to the interior.